DCB and Notre Dame joint scholarship to enhance global awareness

Dulwich College Beijing

In March 2022, Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) and Notre Dame International partnered to create a joint-scholarship program, offering five outstanding DCB IB students the opportunity to participate in Notre Dame's Global Scholars Program and follow the Global Issues and Challenges course. This is Notre Dame's first-time-ever partnership with an internationally recognised high school outside the USA.

As part of the Notre Dame International’s global network, Beijing Global Gateway (BGG) organised a virtual Global Scholars Seminar for the five DCB students to showcase their learnings and perspectives from the course to members of the Dulwich and Notre Dame communities through a selection of various global issues.

5 DCB students who will participate in the programme

Dr Jonathan Noble, Senior Assistant Provost for Internationalization from Notre Dame International, Dr Julianna Füzesi from the University of Notre Dame in England, who is the Academic Director of Global Issues and Challenges, and Dr Curtis Urban, Program Director of International Programs and Data Strategist at the Office of Pre-College Programs, offered congratulatory opening remarks.

“The University of Notre Dame is delighted to have partnered with Dulwich College Beijing on the Global Scholars program,” says Dr Noble. “Notre Dame created the Global Scholars program to provide high school students from the United States and from around the world with new educational opportunities to learn from university instructors and areas that relate to gaining global knowledge and enhancing capacities that will help maximize their opportunities for future university education.”

After their academic presentations, the students further discussed their research interests with the four seminar commentators and answered their questions during the roundtable discussion, in which the students learned more in-depth about the topics they presented on. 

In his closing remarks, Anthony Coles, Head of College at Dulwich College Beijing, said “it's a wonderful system around the world for students from various countries to get involved in having these discussions and learning from wonderful professors at Notre Dame, so Go, Irish!”

Meeting screenshot

Special thanks to the four commentators:

  • Anthony Coles, Head of College at Dulwich College Beijing,
  • Shan Huang, President of the Notre Dame Beijing Alumni Club and Deputy Managing Editor and Editorial Board Member of Caixin Media,
  • Dr Iris Ma, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Advising Professor, Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame,
  • Eliot Taylor, Head of Year 9 at Dulwich College Beijing.

Jingyu Wang, Executive Director of the Beijing Global Gateway, says “we hope that the five Notre Dame Global Scholars students from Dulwich College Beijing will continue to explore their passion for global social and environmental issues and influence more people around them to promote peace and development in the world.”

Congratulations to Victoria H, Jason L, Anna S, Sofia S and Diana T for their commitment to the course and remarkable presentations.