DCB celebrates even more offers for the Class of 2023!

Rachel Garcia
Head of University and Careers Counselling

Over the past month, more students from the Class of 2023 received offers from universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. These most recent offers were made by universities from the United States and Canada as well as courses in the United Kingdom. Some of the recent highlights include offers for courses in Game Design, Education, Biomedical Sciences, Music, Religious Studies, and Psychology. Two of our students also received conditional offers from the University of Cambridge for the Economics and History and Politics courses.  

Students applying to universities in the United States apply for admission to the whole university, whereas in the United Kingdom, students must choose and apply to a single course (major) within the university. Students are allowed to choose up to five similar UK courses and submit one personal statement and application for all five of these courses.  

For students who apply to the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford, the process is even more complex. First, students must choose a course. Then they must choose one of the “colleges” where they will live and study.

The University of Cambridge describes this unique college system as more than just one’s hall of residence. “…your College is also where you eat and do a lot of your socialising, receive academic and pastoral support, and where you often (though not always) have your supervisions.” Admission is determined by each individual college, and each may have slightly different requirements for the same course. It’s important for applicants to thoroughly research their college before applying.  


photo from https://www.cam.ac.uk/


After choosing a course and college at Oxford or Cambridge, some students must sit admissions assessments depending on their course, such as the TMUA, MAT, PAT, BMAT, and LNAT. These exams are essential to helping the colleges and courses make their decision about who to interview. Other students may be required to submit written work from their IB courses. Interviews are offered to a select number of applicants and take place in December. Some interviews include another assessment, but in all cases, students must show their passion and aptitude for the course. Most importantly, they must demonstrate that they are open-mindedteachable, and curious.  

For students still in their final year of the IB Diploma, all offers from the UK are conditional, meaning that students need to earn IB scores specified by their offer conditions in order to confirm their offer and make it unconditional. While they are working hard to maintain their offers, we’d like to congratulate the Class of 2023 on their offers so far. The full list of offers as of 31 January 2023 can be found below. 

DCB 2023 offers