Learn from the Best – Acclaimed Composer/Conductor Paul Jarman

Paul Jarman conducting Lunch Concert on Pink Day at DCB

Last week we have been lucky enough to welcome back to DCB Australian composer, conductor and musician Paul Jarman, who has spent the week working with our students. In IGCSE and IB Music classes, Mr Jarman discussed his own compositions with students and gave them excellent suggestions on how they could develop their own work further. With IB Film students, he shed some helpful insights on film scoring and soundtracks. Mr Jarman has also led rehearsals with both Junior and Senior School ensembles, helping to develop their musicianship and technique, and then conducting both our Junior School Honours Choir and Senior School Chamber Choir in a performance on Friday during lunchtime. The Music Department also enjoyed working with him, and it was a valuable professional development opportunity for them. Ms Haynes comments: "As always, it has been brilliant to have Mr Jarman back, and we look forward to future collaborations with him."

Paul Jarman conducting Lunch Concert on Pink Day at DCB - JS

Mr Jarman reciprocates the sentiment:

"I love working with the DCB students. They are creative, respectful, witty, adventurous, enthusiastic and super keen learners. I also love their relaxed acceptance of each other and the greater world that they live in. They are truly global citizens and care deeply about the future. Lessons with DCB students race by, and I could easily teach one class all day. Once a lesson begins, it becomes a journey of discovery that excites all. It is truly adaptive learning – student from teacher, teacher from student and all for each other.

DCB is a place of harmonious productivity, buzzing with energy and life, open communication and a true community spirit."

Paul Jarman at DCB 2019