Meet our student prefects!

Being a Prefect is a long-time tradition in British schools and as such, somewhat plays an institutional role in the educational journey. It gives drive and pride to students who want to make a change in their school community, and eventually pave the way to success towards their own university goals.

As both representatives and leaders of the student body, prefects rely on strong interpersonal skills such as teamwork, organisation, communication, alongside a solid work ethic and sense of responsibility as they navigate the challenging waters of the two-year IB Diploma programme!


Meet our prefect leaders!

our prefect leaders
  • Dorothy A (Head Girl), Lauren Z (Deputy Head Girl)
  • Ethan Z (Head Boy), Isaac C (Deputy Head Boy


Tell us more about your role as prefect leaders?

We work as a team to lead and communicate with all the prefects on how we can improve all branches of DCB through specific projects such as cross-college collaborations or MUN conferences. We liaise with the Head of College, the respective Heads of Schools and teachers, and represent the DCB student body in events like Chinese New Year and Open Days.


How would you define leadership?

It is an opportunity to lead the student body towards a common goal. As Ethan Z puts it, “leadership is about motivating people and collaborating together so that a shared vision helps a team progress and make an impact.”

From Dorothy A’s perspective, “Leadership is to serve and uplift the community, placing others before yourself.” Isaac C pushes the concept further by stating that leadership “is a mentality that students should develop to serve the community.

Lauren Z believes that encouraging communications and collective efforts are essential to good leaders: “It is important to pay attention to everyone's opinions and avoid establishing a commanding, authoritative leadership style.”


What are your key goals for this year?

We want to reinforce student leadership opportunities and skills, especially among the younger students, and promote a healthy community through transparency and collectiveness.


Meet our House Prefects whose commitment to our House system makes it an integral part of the College’s traditions and learning journey. While creating a sense of belonging, Houses give students opportunities to develop lifelong skills as they lead, organise or participate in the many House events that take place throughout the year in the form of friendly competitions.

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Meet our Communications prefects who are in charge of enhancing communication and connections within the Dulwich College Beijing community.

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Meet our Community Prefects who are in charge of supporting the students and the wider community through various initiatives aiming to enhance global awareness of Sustainability, Diversity, Service and Wellbeing, and build a strong and supportive environment.

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Meet our Academics Prefects who design and lead activities across Senior School in their chosen area of focus, from Performing Arts to STEAM. By doing so, they provide other students with opportunities to explore their interests or enhance their skills in a given discipline.

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