Welcoming the new Senior School Prefects!

Steven W
Communications Prefect

Last January, the handover ceremony from our outgoing Year 13 Prefects to our incoming Year 12 prefects marked the official transition to our new prefects and Head Prefects.

This year’s Prefect Team collectively embarked with hope, enthusiasm, and the vision to Spark Passion, Ignite Tomorrow.  


Spark Passion, Ignite Tomorrow.

As Carmen de Z, the Head Prefect of the Service to Others pillar, remarked: "Sparking passion is all about stimulating interest and curiosity in what we do. It's about implicating the younger students into our projects and events, hoping to culminate in them a desire to get involved when they reach Year 12." She also used the lighthouse analogy to suggest that this year's prefects will try their utmost to aspire toward this vision. 

Prefect Launch Assembly in January 2024 Prefect Launch Assembly in January 2024

At Dulwich College Beijing, the Senior School's prefect portfolios are divided into four pillars: Local to Global, Services to Others, Curriculum and Learning, and Enrichment. Each pillar consists of four different prefect portfolios, each of which is interrelated in its purpose and aims, thus coordinated by a Head Prefect. There are four Head Prefects and thirty-one prefects in the 2024 Prefect Team. 

Now, let’s meet our DCB 2024 student Prefects!


Local to Global Pillar 

Prefects of the Local to Global Pillar aims to connect DCB students with the world and beyond, extending our responsibilities to that of a member of our planet. Together, they wish to further their current projects and provide more opportunities for DCB students to engage with our society. The pillar is supervised by Mr Smith and led by Head Prefect Sophie S.

Let’s hear what they have to say: 


Head Prefect of Global Citizenship and Sustainability: Sophie S 

Head Prefect of Global Citizenship and Sustainability: Sophie S 

"Being placed in a new role was overwhelming for a lot of us. We were nervous yet excited to be selected and eager for the year ahead. Over the past few months, the prefects’ ideas have transformed into concrete plans and I am delighted to see that projects and events are happening throughout the school, with students eager to participate. I am so proud of how far the team has come, and their hard work making an impact. I hope we can continue to enrich the school environment and ‘spark(ing) passion’ in the students who look up to the prefect team as role models and their future selves.” 

Alumni, Careers and University Prefect: Zizai L

Alumni, Careers and University Prefect: Zizai L

“Being the Alumni, Careers and University prefect has been more than fulfilling. Starting off with the year alone and as the first to speak in the prefect assembly allowed me to grow as an individual and appreciate and cherish the responsibility that comes with my role. With guidance from Aston, the previous perfect and with the help of Ms Tomaszun, members of the UCC and other members of my pillar, I have already begun a few projects, such as some Alumni talks and IB/IGCSE Q&A.  This role has allowed me to understand the interconnection within the Dulwich College Beijing community and how it extends beyond the campus and across the world.” 

Sustainability and Global Citizenship Prefects: Laetitia H and Easton T

Sustainability and Global Citizenship Prefects: Easton T

"Our teachers and the previous prefects helped to facilitate the handover process very well. While I was caught off guard by the workload at first, with their help, I now feel more confident with my responsibilities. I'm proud to be a part of the prefect team and I look forward to more cross-portfolio collaboration with the other prefects!”  - Easton T

Sustainability and Global Citizenship Prefects: Laetitia H

“Transitioning to prefect really taught me the vast amount of effort and time that goes into every event in our school. I'm glad I can now be involved in this process as well. Creating fun and insightful events all year round for the students to enjoy!”  - Laetitia H

Active Citizenship Prefects: Alex L, Aaron H and Daniel L 

Active Citizenship Prefects: Alex L, Aaron H and Daniel L

“I feel that the prefect handover process was very smooth; the past prefects gave us insight into their journey, which allowed us to understand its values and challenges.”  - Aaron H

“Being a prefect consists of responsibility with various potentials. During the handover process, I’ve acquired meaningful and diversified visions of this role.”  - Alex L

Service to Others Pillar 

The Service to Others prefects aims to empower students to take part in a wide variety of events and projects and offer the necessary assistance in student studies and social life. The pillar is supervised by Mr Kevin Rossall and is led by the Head Prefect Carmen de Z.

Let’s hear what they have to say: 


Head Prefect of Service to Others and Wodehouse Prefect: Carmen de Z

Head Prefect of Service to Others and Wodehouse Prefect: Carmen de Z

“This year, the prefect team is united under one vision: Spark Passion, Ignite Tomorrow.

What does this truly mean? ‘Sparking passion’ is all about stimulating interest and curiosity in what we do. This vision views the prefect team from a holistic perspective, aiming to leave an impact on the school community through long-term approaches and projects. Secondly, ‘Igniting Tomorrow’, is about leaving behind a legacy, a trace of our values, ambitions and hopes for improving the school and DCB community. This year, all portfolios will be striving to improve younger student participation and remove that barrier between the prefect portfolios and the student body. So that together, we can spark passion and truly ignite our tomorrow.” 

College Links Prefects: Angelina Z and Elena T

College Links Prefects: Angelina Z and Elena T

“Applying to be a prefect was one of the best decisions I have made. Although this role comes with great responsibilities, the experience of building upon the former prefects’ work and initiating our own projects, which create positive impacts, is invaluable.”  - Angelina Z

“Having been a prefect for two months, I have gotten many opportunities that I appreciate and cherish. I am able to connect and work with the younger students at the school which gives me much inspiration and excitement. Being a prefect is so much deeper than the title and role it is about the connections you make within the school, and those connections are what I will cherish the most.”  - Elena T

Communication and Language Prefect: Steven W

Communication and Language Prefect: Steven W

“Communication and Language was a role I did not expect, but sometimes life’s surprises come to yield infinite interests and learnings. With the guidance of Jimin B, last year’s Comms Prefect, I came to confront and resolve the unique challenges of interlinking our prefects with the student body. I’m looking forward to what this role may hold in the future.” 

Health and Wellbeing Prefects: Rebecca K, Lynn K, Rachel M

Health and Wellbeing Prefects: Rebecca K, Lynn K, Rachel M

“I felt very honoured and happy to take on the role of Health and Well-being prefect, but at the same time, I was a bit nervous and worried if I could accomplish the role well. What reassured me and enabled me to go through the process easily was my two other wonderful well-being prefects, with whom I had frequent discussions and showed great teamwork. The ideas and advice from the former prefects, Angel and Mia, helped us familiarise ourselves with the role and sparked more ideas for projects we could plan for. Up to now, we've already begun some projects like Wellbeing Champion training, JS Wellbeing Champions, Morning Music, and IGCSE/IB transitions, which were successful. It was fulfilling to see our ideas come true, and I'm excited to implement more of our planned projects to support DCB's health and wellbeing!” - Rachel M

“Taking up the role of Health & Wellbeing Prefect from the previous prefects Angel W and Mia H was a tough task for me as I had massive shoes to fill. The legacy they left through the Wellbeing Champion system, their dedication, and their overall impact on students’ wellbeing have truly left a lasting mark on the Dulwich College Beijing community - and I am inspired to lead with the same enthusiasm and passion. Personally, I always was the type of person who was afraid of leadership and doubted that I had such qualities and traits of a leader - but I realised after becoming a prefect that such doubts only exist in the mind and facing your fears will only make you stronger. So overall, the prefect transition process for me helped me grow as an individual and realize the impact I can make on the DCB community.” - Rebecca K

Student Support Service Prefects: Vicky M and Jiaying G 

Student Support Service Prefects: Vicky M

“Serving as the SSS prefect has always been a privilege and an opportunity to support our students’ transformative academic and personal journey with our very own insights, experience, and advices, hoping to both enrich and empower each of their school experiences.”  - Vicky M

Student Support Service Prefects: Jiaying G 

“It’s been an honour to be selected as a prefect! I find it incredibly fulfilling to provide resources, guidance, and acknowledgements of achievements to make sure students feel happy and supported here.” - Jiaying G

Curriculum and Learning Pillar

The Curriculum and Learning prefect team’s ambition lies in promoting exciting student-led initiatives in various fields of interest, such as STEAM and Visual Art. As well as to guide DCB students into their path of academic success with the Approaches to Learning portfolios. The pillar is supervised Mr Stephen Kaye and led by the Head Prefect, Carol Q.

Let’s hear what they have to say: 


Head Prefect of the Curriculum and Learning Pillar and Owens House Prefect: Carol Q

Owens House Prefect: Carol Q

“The prefect position has always been highly regarded by the students of DCB. It is an absolute privilege to be chosen by my peers and teachers as one of the Head Prefects. My assigned pillar: Curriculum and Learning, aims to enhance the overall learning experience at DCB. There are many exciting projects in the works….and we can’t wait for the students to experience them!” 

Approaches to Learning Prefects: Lian C and Gary Z

Approaches to Learning Prefects: Lian C and Gary Z

Poetically, “charted my course, paved my way, now I can continue the projects, come what may.”  - Gary Z

Art Prefects: Amy W and Selena Z

Art Prefects: Amy W and Selena Z

“The perfect transition has been an insightful and vigorous process, and I’m really glad to have learned from last year’s Art Prefects so Amy and I can introduce new projects and continue current ones this school year!” 

- Selena Z 

STEAM Prefects: Hillary T, Susie Y

STEAM Prefects: Hillary T

“The moment that it was announced that I had secured a prefect role made my IB life much more exciting and thrilling. It really alleviated some challenges and motivated me to improve and contribute my efforts to the field of STEAM at school as I knew my talents and passion could be channelled to improve the school life experience. The transition was quick and simple; we had a lot of work, but it was smooth and successful. Overall I'd say you are reminded of being a prefect by its responsibilities and standards of being a role model for the school.” 

- Hillary T

STEAM Prefects: Susie Y

“We found it very challenging, yet we are still excited to start new STEAM events in school, and we acted out our ambitions by hosting a real trip to a robotics competition.” 

- Susie Y

Media & Marketing Prefects: Jason Z, Cathy T, Charlize A

Media & Marketing Prefects: Jason Z

“The process was very smooth, and with the help of the previous prefects, I was able to quickly adapt to the new position.” 

- Jason Z

Media & Marketing Prefects: Cathy T

“During the handover process, I received lots of guidance and advice by the previous prefects, the marketing team, Ms Ni and Mr Kaye. They were all very helpful and supported us, allowing us to quickly get involved with media coverage of numerous school events.” 

- Cathy T

Media & Marketing Prefects: Charlize A

“The prefect handover has been a valuable experience for me. Learning from past prefects taught me about the weight of responsibility and provided me with valuable insights and techniques from their experiences. It has been a testament to my growth, illustrating the importance of accountability and the invaluable lessons that come with leading others. This experience has shaped me into a better media prefect.” 

- Charlize A-Y

Enrichment Pillar

Together, the Enrichment prefects initiate and coordinate the events from which we derive our DCB spirit; they establish our communal atmosphere as lively and enjoyable. It ranges from sports events and house competitions to Model United Nations conferences and awe-inspiring performances. 

This year, they are supervised by Ms Tomaszun and led by the Head Prefect and Soong House Prefect Tim Z.

Let’s hear what they have to say: 


House Prefects: Tim Z, Valeria S, Carol Q, Carmen de Z, Aishling Z

House Prefects: Tim Z, Valeria S, Carol Q, Carmen de Z, Aishling Z

“Reflecting on the prefect handover and prefect transition process, I am filled with a range of emotions and valuable experiences. Learning from the past prefect team has provided me with valuable insights and lessons that will shape my approach as the new Head Student. I understand the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead of us and am committed to leading with integrity, enthusiasm, and a collaborative spirit. My vision for DCB is driven by the belief that every student has unique talents and potential waiting to be unlocked. Therefore, I aim to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that encourages student involvement. Through engaging initiatives and projects, I envision enriching the lives of our students, fostering their passions, and equipping them with valuable skills for the future.” 

- Tim Z


“The DCB House system has given me the most unique high-school experience. With passion and dedication, being the House Prefect motivates me to lead Alleyn towards success!

- Aishling Z

Performing Arts Prefects: Viktoria H, Kevin S

Performing Arts Prefects: Viktoria H, Kevin S

“The prefect handover was very smooth as the past prefects gave me a lot of information about what is required from me, how I need to be a role model, and what my main focuses should be for the upcoming year.” 

- Viktoria H 

Prefects of MUN Debate and Sports

Expressing our Gratitude and Looking Forward

As sincerely expressed by our prefects, this successful transition could only be possible under the guidance of the Senior School Leadership Team and the Prefect Team of 2023. We feel very fortunate to have two groups of friends and teachers on our side while we march through the year of 2024. Carried by our motto, “Spark Passion, Ignite Tomorrow,” we enter the new year with bright hopes and ambitions. However, this isn’t limited to the Prefects; we wish that you, as a member of the DCB community, can join in this common striving for the betterment of our school and our international community. 


2024 Prefect Team. 

Steven W Communication and Language Prefect