DCB Students Voice - Meet the 2022 Student Prefect Team!

Lina M
Communication & Languag prefect

The Prefect Team of 2022 has an overarching vision to Unify Yet Diversify, an aim through which we envision uniting the entire College, especially amid the uncertainties of the post-COVID-19 era, whilst also respecting the diversity of cultures and individualities of each member of the DCB community.

The team comprises 4 Head Prefects and 34 members of the General Team, further differentiated into the four pillar groups:

  • Local to Global
  • Service to Others
  • Curriculum and Learning
  • Enrichment

All are aspiring leaders and Year 12 students representing a portfolio or aspect of student life within the campus, standing at a high and prestigious tier of student leadership within DCB. In general, the team aims to maintain, inspire and launch a multitude of unique and original projects – in collaboration with the existing student and staff leadership frameworks at school – to enhance the learning experience at DCB under the school’s fundamental learning principles and guiding statements.


Head Prefects

Their aspiration: further unify the entire prefect team, striving towards efficient collaboration and stronger ties among team members and the whole student body.

Head Prefects
  • Head Girl & Head Boy: Victoria H, Joe W
  • Deputy Head Girl & Deputy Head Boy: Audrey W, Zion K


Local to Global

Their aspiration: contribute to the enhancement of the school community with a strong belief that the local changes they make within their close community may positively impact the world that awaits them.

Local to Global team
  • Alumni, Careers & University: Cecilia T
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Diana T
  • Global Citizenship: Carla S
  • Sustainability: Betty H, Lily L


Service to Others

Their aspiration: connect and serve the school community across the whole college through their unique means and skills.

Service to Others team
  • College Links: Alice F, Danny Z, Hugh S
  • Communication & Language: Lina M
  • Community Service: Selina Z, Simon P, Shienna B
  • Health & Wellbeing: Audrey W, Tracy L
  • Student Support Services: Hanlei W, Daniel S


Curriculum & Learning

Their aspiration: enhance and promote the DCB experience within the school community.

Curriculum & Learning team
  • Approaches to Learning: Joyce C, Benjamine Z
  • Art: Emma Y, Kylee C 
  • ICT/MIT: Pei Jen C 
  • Media: Rylie L, Sofia S 
  • STEAM: Sean L, Owen A



Their aspiration: dedicate their energy and creativity to enhancing school life for all Senior School students.

Enrichment team
  • Johnson House: Zion K 
  • Soong House: Harry K 
  • Alleyn House: Apple L 
  • Wodehouse House: Mylene R
  • Owens House: Andrew M 
  • Performing Arts: Daniel Z, Helena Z
  • MUN/Debating: Brian L 
  • Sport: Emily Z, Neli H