DCB Students Voice - Welcome to Dulwich Tube Channel

Jett Brunet
EdTech and Innovation Coach

This new video channel, the Dulwich Tube Channel, along with our Junior School Dulwich Dudes Podcast and Magazine, aims to empower our students to develop their leadership skills and share their learning and thoughts with our community. 


CGTN (2021, October 28). Beijing 2022 'Green' Winter Olympics to be first 'zerocarbon' Olympic Games [Video]. YouTube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGqrob4nkTI&ab_channel=CGTN


The Dulwich Tube Channel was started by two Year 5 students: Annie and Della, helped by their parents for the first episode. They hope to continue making their own videos and learn how to become independent filmmakers.


Annie came up with the name Dulwich Tube, combining our school’s name with a famous video website. They were inspired by the Dulwich Dudes Podcast and wanted to create something similar, but using video. They thought this could be a great way to have fun and share some of their ideas with our community.

The target audience is mostly Junior School students and teachers to start, but they hope to expand it to the entire College soon. They are interested in reporting on special events, including new films, sporting events and more. They want to create a channel which is inclusive and interesting for everyone. In the beginning, they will try to make one video per month, but this might change in the future. 


They feel proud about the response that the first video has received, but also nervous because they want to make the best possible videos and are still learning the basics of how to produce high-quality videos. 

The first episode was filmed on phones. Annie and Della chose the music. They learned that it can be challenging to make videos, especially when filming outside in cold weather and in public, because other people might walk into their shots, and they would have to start the take again.

They hope to inspire other students to join the Dulwich Tube Channel and work together to make some amazing videos for DCB!


Head of Junior School aired on student-led Dulwich Dudes Podcast