"Sustainability" Photo Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who has submitted a picture to our DCB Summer Photo Competition! We appreciate the effort taken to think about sustainability creatively – both problems and solutions.

We were very lucky to have sustainability consultant and founder of Teaspoons of Change, d'Arcy Lunn, with us last week, so we took advantage of his expertise and asked him to judge the contest. d'Arcy was particularly looking for pictures that "tell a story". Congratulations to the winners, who were selected from over 80 superb entries! 

In the coming weeks, an exhibition will be set up with all the contest submissions. We hope that with this exhibition, we will raise the awareness for sustainability at DCB and keep the momentum going in the community!

Below you will find the winning photographs along with comments from d'Arcy Lunn.

Winners: Students

1st Prize

Jing Jing C Super Trees

Jing Jing C, Year 13
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

d'Arcy Lunn: 
So much to learn from this photo and the practices it represents. We need to use this photo to enact change in our own urban communities.


2nd Prize

Crystal Y in Norway

Crystal Y, Year 6

d'Arcy Lunn: 
I love the flags of the world in the background and our challenge to bring sustainability like bikes, flowers and art to the whole world.


Carrie Y - Skyroad Grassland Hebei

Carrie Y, Year 6
Skyroad Grassland – Hebei, China 

d'Arcy Lunn: 
Love this one as well – the importance of nature and technology for sustainability.


3rd Prize

Jack P Zimbabwe

Jack P, Year 13

d'Arcy Lunn: 
A nice story and a photo for animal lovers – protect the planet and all her animals.


Ethan Z Auckland, New Zealand

Ethan Z, Year 11
Auckland, New Zealand

d'Arcy Lunn: 
A nice story of man-made world and the natural one – a very clever photo.


Gardens By the Bay, Singapore and taken by Selena Z

Selena Z, Year 8
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

d'Arcy Lunn: 
Maybe this is the symbolism of the world and the thin dome of oxygen and atmosphere we have and how important it is to preserve and protect nature.


Winners: Parents and Staff

1st Prize

Kasia Baran - Barcelona Spain

Kasia Baran, staff
Recycled Street Business
Barcelona, Spain

d'Arcy Lunn: 
Turning trash into treasure with beauty and creativity, which is what the whole world needs to do!


2nd Prize

Verena Henssler  In The Netherlands

Verena Henssler, parent
The Netherlands 

d'Arcy Lunn: 
Next Beijing? Lovely contrast of what is in The Netherlands and what could/should be for the rest of the world – in this photo at least.


Yue Xu - recycle volunteer - Beijing China

Yue Xu, parent
Guanghua Rd, Beijing, China 

d'Arcy Lunn: 
The true heroes of sustainability!


3rd Prize

Lan Wu in Amsterdam

Lan Wu, parent
Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

d'Arcy Lunn: 
So much to love in this photo on sustainability: light rail – one of the best forms of sustainable public transport, a guy popping a wheely on his bike, and of course, it is in Amsterdam. No description needed; this picture says a lot!


Laurence Calvet - one with nature France

Laurence Calvet, parent
One with Nature, Maxime Within the Painting
Paris, France

d'Arcy Lunn: 
One with nature indeed – love it!


reuse and recycle Mark Pankratz - UK

Mark Pankratz, staff
Liverpool, England 

d'Arcy Lunn:
Creative, fun and unique – just as the world needs for sustainability and beyond!