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The 2024 Summer Edition of The College magazine

The 2024 summer edition of The College is packed with exciting stories that highlight our students' growth and achievements, as well as the progress our community has made. Here we gathered some of the most noteworthy moments from the past two terms, exploring the unique learning experiences at DCB, including leadership roles our students have taken on and thrived in. We also proudly showcase our students' outstanding academic results and provide valuable insights from experts on what they say is a “successful” university application.

But that's not all. With events now back in full swing, we've captured some incredible snapshots of these cherished opportunities, and we can't wait for you to relive those moments through the magazine.

And here at DCB, we're always striving to go above and beyond. In this edition, keep an eye out for some special never-before-seen features in our magazine, such as a tearable calendar to help our returning families prepare for the upcoming academic year and an insert pull-out where members of the community share what makes DCB so special to them.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the students, teachers, staff, and parents who have contributed to the creation of this magazine. Your dedication and support have made this our most comprehensive edition yet. We hope you thoroughly enjoy reading the 2024 Summer edition of The College!


DCB The College Magazine Winter 2023 Edition

We are delighted to share that our latest College Magazine, the most comprehensive Winter Edition to date, is now out, packed with heartwarming stories of life within and beyond the campus and amazing updates from our community, including contributions from our students themselves.

In this issue, we shine a spotlight on how technology is innovating education here at DCB and how global citizenship is deeply entwined with our actions here at the College, supporting our mission to empower students to Live Worldwise.   

In his message to our community (p3), Anthony Coles, our Head of College, shared how our students’ rich and fulfilling world-class educational experience is on account of the collaboration of our supportive and tight-knit community and as part of a global family of schools. He also noted how our teachers are more than just instructors; they are mentors who guide our students toward their goals to make a meaningful and positive difference in the community.

Yosef Karasik, our Director of Educational Technology and Innovation, and our students start us off with a brief look at how technology is innovating learning at DCB (p4). We also learn more about some of our school’s tech whizzes, such as our DUCKS Tech Champions Club (p7) and our student-run Helion Robotics Club (p10), and events such as the Junior School House STEAM event (p9), Planet Hack 2023 (p12) and Digital Citizenship Week (p14).

The outstanding results of last year’s cohort of iGCSE test takers (p16) serve as a testament to our students’ dedication to academic excellence and the unwavering commitment of our educators. Congratulations to them and to our 2023 graduates (p17), and for those who have already matriculated (p21), we wish them all the best in their chosen universities.

At DCB, we move forward with global citizenship as our compass, as evident from our recent purpose-driven upgrades of the Senior School cafeteria and other social spaces (p22) and the addition of our new Smart Food Waste Management System (p23). Numerous school events, including the annual student-led Pink Week (p25), International Day of Peace and Remembrance Day (p24), and No Carbon November (p26) underscore this commitment. We need to avoid the pitfall of our actions becoming tokenistic, as Year 13 students from The Interact Club reminded us in their talk about Service in the DCB Curriculum (27), also explaining how Service shapes us into inclusive, empathetic global citizens. Numerous student-led ECAs (extracurricular activities) exemplify this, including the Women’s Health and Menstruation (WHM) (p28) ECA, which aims to tackle the problem of period poverty and period stigma, one rural school at a time. Our parents have also been actively promoting sustainability and animal conservation efforts, and in this issue, we featured the Friends of Dulwich (FoD) event How Does Life Resonate within Our Hearts, a talk about saving the Chinese white dolphin.

But the DCB education isn’t just limited to the classroom, as our student leaders and participants of Ignite: Switzerland (p30), My Reading Life event (p34) and the annual Worldwise Academy (WWA) Summit (p34) showed us. Esteemed alumni also joined us during the WWA summit, helping answer the students’ debate question Does Our Current Education Prepare Us For the Future? through their own personal experiences and journeys so far.

This school year, we’ve also been working more closely with the Student Media Team (p42), whose photos of various events, such as House Football (p43), can be found in the issue. Also look out for our other exciting pieces including sports events in and out of the country, such as our first U15 FOBISIA from DCB students in years (p75), our students’ fantastic artwork, community events such as Moonlight Madness (p56) and the spooktacular Spider and Pumpkin show (p77), EiM network-wide events and more.

Thank you to our fantastic contributors and to our school community. We hope that you enjoy this series of stories that serve as a testament to our commitment to our mission to Live Worldwise.