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DCB College Magazine Summer 2023 Edition

We are thrilled to announce that our latest College Magazine is now out, packed with exciting events and opportunities – some that we haven’t experienced in years!

As our Head of College (HoC) Anthony Coles shared in his heartfelt HoC message (p2), “We will remember this school year for the time we moved out of Covid-19 restrictions and into a ‘new normal.”

He added, “Thankfully, our key educational pillars returned in full, and students were able to enjoy a myriad of learning opportunities to grow not only in the classroom but beyond it too… we have officially returned to the DCB that everyone missed.”

And throughout the magazine, laid out page after page are the many events and activities that have reawakened our students to our new reality: that our very vibrant and fast-paced DCB life was back and here to stay.

Following Mr Coles’ message, we hear from our Global Citizenship (GC) Director and Leads how GC is embedded in our DCB identity (p4) and more about the annual student-run DIMUN (Dulwich International Model United Nations) initiative (p9) where students across schools became diplomats for three days to debate real-life crises plaguing the countries they represented. In March, the Vice President for Internalisation of our partner school the University of Notre Dame (ND) paid DCB a visit (p10) to share more about the importance of global citizenship and how the academic opportunities waiting for DCB students at ND will help them open their minds to the world. And from the other side of the globe are stories from our inaugural Ignite: Switzerland cohort (p13), who went beyond their comfort zones to spend a term in the Alps with peers from other Dulwich International schools.

We also applaud the efforts of our student leaders, from our Year 12 Student Prefects (p14) who share more about their roles and accomplishments and the opportunities our DUCKS have (p20) to how our Junior School Student Council members have availed of our community’s expertise thanks to the DCB Masterclass (p71). As an academically rigorous school, it’s important that we keep our children’s overall wellbeing in check, which we talk more about in our  Student Wellbeing section (p22).

The past few years presented many challenges, but that didn’t stop our innovative EdTech team from delivering novel ideas to our community, further integrating AI into our curriculum (p28). This coming school year, we are excited for the launch of FutureTech (p31): our new in-house curriculum on AI & Robotics for Key Stage 4 where students will be equipped with the skills to solve problems yet to arise. Meanwhile, participants of our inaugural Dulwich Game Jam 2023 (p32) earlier this year are probably already envisioning the video games they’ll be making in the new academic calendar, while news of DCB's membership in the newly-formed CHISEL (Chinese International High School Esports League) must be exciting news for our DCB gamers. 

Opportunities like this take our students from being dreamers to achievers. Thanks to transformative initiatives of DCB’s Girls in STEMM (GIS) (p31), a student shared her decision to pursue a career in STEMM after witnessing first hand real-world projects applying science and technology for the benefit of rural and marginalised communities.

Much-missed festive events such as our Founders’ Day (p72), back-to-back performances including one to celebrate the coronation of His Majesty (p35), brilliant artworks, competitive sports in action and more fill up the rest of the pages. Last but not the least, a big congratulations to our graduating class of 2023 (p26), and welcome to our Worldwise Academy Network! 


DCB Launches the Winter 2022 Edition of The College Magazine

We are proud to share that the latest issue of Dulwich College Beijing's Winter magazine is now available!

In this 2022 Winter issue, we start off with a warm greeting from our Head of College Anthony Coles, who reminds us that despite the challenges our community has faced in the past three years, “the commitment from our students, parents and staff has been incredible and something to be celebrated. DCB students really do come first and with sustained cooperation and communication, our students will continue to grow and realise their enormous potential.”

And you’ll see this evidenced throughout this issue – a committed community that always put students first – a testament to our mission to raise students to Live Worldwise.

We are pleased to introduce the new members of our CLT (College Leadership Team), who also share with us what they love about the school and the positive changes they have in mind in support of this mission.

In addition to the different outstanding partnerships we have made to bring the College to another level, we also take a closer look at our annual Worldwise Academy event, recipient of this year’s 2022 International School Awards in the Pathways to Continued and University Education for its career pathways initiative, and talk to different stakeholders to learn how it has made – and is still making – a positive impact on them and our community.

We also share about the many events and opportunities available for our students across different year levels to lead and exercise student agency, including an interview by the Junior School Dulwich Dudes Podcast (JS DDP) Team with our Junior School Student Council Leadership and a reflection from our Senior School DDP on their own motivations to continue DDP in Senior School.      

Dulwich College Beijing is a safe place for students to not only to thrive, but also to fail. With our Dulwich values as our compass, our educators also share about a new Value Points System in Senior School that is helping students stay on track, the best way for our children to learn how to learn, how we support our students and why it’s “not about the wins and losses; it’s about the wins and lessons.”  

And the impact of DCB doesn’t come to a full stop just because our students have graduated. Learn more about how life at DCB is helping our Alleynians in our alumni interviews. 

And last but not the least, do enjoy the amazing photos of the different happenings at the College, and to the rest of our 2022 graduates: congratulations!

Thank you to our contributors and to our school community. Have a wonderful winter break, and we look forward to being back on campus with you!


DCB Launches the Summer 2022 Edition of The College Magazine

We have the pleasure to announce that our Summer 2022 edition of The College Magazine is now available!

Some of the students from DCB Senior School Global Goals Club will take you through a student-led journey to global citizenship and share some of the projects they successfully launched in the past school year.

Student leadership is a broad concept that encourages every student to take ownership and responsibilities. You will read about programmes and activities that are provided in DCB Early Years to foster student agency from a younger age. 

Junior School Student Council share their creative initiatives, including 'No Carbon November'. The Dulwich Dudes Podcast and Magazine team from Junior School reflect their first year of journalism activities. Check out their thoughts and ideas! 

Some of the 2022 graduates share insights that they have gained through the university application journey.