Perfect Score at International Computing Challenge

For many years now, students at Dulwich College Beijing have been partaking in the UK Bebras Computing Challenge – a computational thinking competition run annually by the University of Oxford. This November, around 400 of our Senior School students entered, with more than 100 scoring in the top 10% out of more than 250,000 students worldwide. Two DCB students, Stanley M (Year 13) and Peyton L (Year 8), scored in the 99.9%, which qualifies them to the next round, called “TCS Oxford Computing Challenge”. Even more remarkable, Peyton received the maximum points possible – first time in DCB history! Only 32 participants out of more than 130,000 in his age category this year achieved the perfect score.

We asked Peyton about what he likes about this kind of challenge. He said, “I love problem-solving because it feels rewarding to solve a question, especially if it is difficult. The school supports problem-solving by integrating it into the curriculum of subjects such as maths, science, humanities, and technology, where a problem-solving project is at the centre of the course. The teachers are always helpful and encouraging, which helps everyone learn.”

Congratulations to Stanley and Peyton and good luck at Oxford!

By Nicholas T, Year 11

Computing Challenge