On last Saturday, our 2020-2021 Beijing-based IB students finally set foot on campus after being away for a few months! Their induction day session took place in a vibrant atmosphere, where students and teachers gladly re-connected… at last! They were joined on Monday by their Senior School peers from Years 7, 10 and 11 and the cute and cheerful Year 2 students. On Tuesday, all the Senior School year groups were officially back on campus with Years 8 and 9 joining it, while Junior School also kicked-off their return to school with Year 6 students happily coming in.

Welcome back! Anthony, David and students
Students on campus

This, of course, was after everyone went through a strict travel history and temperature checks in the now familiar tents set up at each of the school’s gate.

In preparation to this long-awaited moment, the College spared no effort to come up with an extensive and complex plan to design year-specific hubs across the whole school in order to meet the still stringent Health and Safety requirements aiming at avoiding contacts across year groups, thus also enabling a smooth and reliable traceability of each student’s whereabout at all time. In addition to the hubs, each year group was assigned the use of a specific entrance into the building and the use of specific corridors to access its designated hub.

students on campus

While academic classes were embedded in a new normal schedule, opportunities for sports and fitness were also on offer this week through some traditional Houses competition. What better than cheering for your own House would reinforce a sense of belonging among students? Overseas students are of course on everyone’s mind and offered to virtually join in as often possible. We can’t wait to welcome them back in style!

Students learning