Where Did My Donations for the Yunnan Project Go?

Making a tangible impact on the lives of others – isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world? The DCB community has received a big “thank you” from the organisation “Love for the Poor” for supporting underprivileged children in Yunnan province.  The whole College charity “Yunnan Project” was launched over two years ago and is led by students. 

The community has raised now over 300,000 RMB for the charity with the support of Early Years, Junior School, Senior School, teachers, and our parent association, Friends of Dulwich. Key Stage 3 students travel to Yunnan twice a year, in November and in April, to visit the orphanage, schools, and kindergartens and work with the children there. 


How did the DCB community contribute?

Recent fundraising events included staff quiz, winter clothes collection, Early Years gifts/toy collection, Christmas Bazaar bake sale, bubble tea sale, Christmas ornaments, games, Chinese New Year Bazaar food and entertainment, and most recently, the Debate for Change Tournament. 

So thank you, DCB community! Here is how you have made a difference: