Class of 2021 worldwide offers from prestigious universities!

As the academic year is coming to an end, Dulwich College Beijing is proud to share the latest offers the Class of 2021 has received from prestigious universities around the world.

This list is a testament to the students’ hard work and commitment to the IB Diploma, but also the collective efforts of the faculty, including the Senior School teachers, university counsellors and the pastoral team, whose partnership with the parent body resulted in an environment that enhanced our students’ holistic growth.


Not only did the Class of 2021 show strong academic rigour, but these students have embraced many enrichment opportunities throughout their Senior School years to grow as well-rounded, independent, passionate and resilient learners. Klaudia Tomaszun, Assistant Head of Senior School (Enrichment), witnesses that “the graduating class showed incredible commitment to service, with too many highlights to name. They were the first DCB cohort to align service throughout the whole college and did so with such passion and kindness!”


Ms Tomaszun’s is echoed by Kieran Burgess, Assistant Head of Senior School (IB Coordinator), who highlights that the Class of 2021 “developed a resilience that epitomises DCB Senior School students of

all ages. To come through not one, but two years of a demanding Diploma Programme under pandemic conditions, with all the unexpected changes, still demonstrating their usual good grace and smiles to the very end, is testament to their character.”


Evolving in a high-achieving environment teaches students to be aware of their physical and mental wellbeing, a lifelong skill that is proven to be crucial, even for adults, regardless of culture or socio-professional backgrounds. Stephen Hurworth, Head of Student Wellbeing (KS4/5), has guided many cohorts on their wellbeing journey. “Each year group at DCB have their own uniqueness and qualities that make them who they are,” he says. “The class of 2021 stood out being grounded, exceptionally hard-working yet rarely taking themselves too seriously, a mindset that often can be difficult to sustain in a high-performing and competitive environment. The unprecedented times they went through brought them closer as a tight-knit and extremely supportive cohort. They are great fun and never afraid to say how things are or should be, but in the most respectful of manners.” He concludes that “hearing a few of graduates saying they are sad but more excited to leave DCB, you know we have done our jobs as educators. They can hold their heads high and walk away from DCB, knowing they have made nothing but a positive impact on the school community.”


Reflecting over this cohort’s university application journey, Jeffrey Harmon, Director of University Counselling, observes that “the Class of 2021 has already learned a valuable lesson about adaptability, how to accept life’s changes with grace and humility, yet also with resolve and industriousness. Both the unrest and acts of courage throughout the world over the past few years have reinforced the importance of reflecting on our values and our priorities. Our graduates could not avoid difficult conversations around safety, distance from home, and campus climate. But because of this, they are more prepared for their future. They will be able to navigate the many choices and uncertainties that lie ahead. They will continue to be active shapers of their lives. They will continue to enhance the lives of others around them. We are incredibly proud of the character they have demonstrated, and we wish them the best of luck as they prepare for further university study, national service, or the workforce.”