Worldwise Academy: Credit Suisse Challenges DCB Students

Worldwise Academy - Credit Suisse

Last week, Year 12 Economics students were visited by senior executives from Credit Suisse China, some of whom flew in directly from Hong Kong, to join a special Worldwise Academy event. Janice Hu, Managing Director & Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse China, as well as top asset management and investment banking experts, Min Huang, Joe Lai and Daniel Qiu, challenged the students in a workshop to deepen their knowledge of economics and business.

Students were presented with new complex financial concepts and real China case studies that they had never experienced before and would usually only study at university. The Credit Suisse executives commented on how outstanding the engagement from DCB students was and how impressed they were at the highly intelligent questions posed by students. Suffice to say that not only were students gifted a wonderful opportunity to apply their knowledge to the real world but were also given a glimpse into possible future careers and networks. We are grateful to our guests and to Mr Christopher Gayle, Head of Business and Economics, for the organisation.

This event was part of Worldwise Academy (WWA), a DCB initiative that aims to bridge students’ studies with the professional world of work. WWA goes beyond the traditional career talks and provides a structure for the dedicated experts in the DCB community to offer opportunities for our students in the areas of curriculum enrichment, career exploration and internships. All members of our community are welcome to be involved in the WWA. Please contact Ms Xiaoxiao Qin, Director of Government and Public Affairs, for more information


Written by Chris Newman.

Worldwise Academy - Credit Suisse