Worldwise Academy at a glance

Launched in 2019, the Worldwise Academy (WWA) aims to enrich the career pathways of DCB students by creating connections between DCB and the world of work, thus supporting students to explore their passions in relation with their future professional endeavours. During this past academic year, a series of events were organised to Make it Real during our students learning journey.

X Museum welcomed the 2020 WWA launch event on the theme of No aspiration too big, no inspiration too small with an audience of students and parents. The panellists shared sincere accounts of their journey of aspirations and inspirations, failures and successes that have led them to where they are today and gave invaluable advice to the current Z generation.

WWA launch 2020 - X Museum

The celebration of women’s equality on International Women’s Day inspired the Worldwise Academy Committee to organise the Young Women’s Leadership Forum for our students to meet and learn from a prestigious panel of executive women from different fields and backgrounds. The panellists talked about their inspirations as well as the challenges and biases they have encountered on their road to success.

WWA - Young Women’s Leadership Forum 2021

The third WWA event took the form of an interactive conversation on the making of a phenomenal exhibition at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Cao Fei: Staging the Era. The audience learnt how the idea of this exhibition came to life a few years back, and the journey that resulted in an almost surreal exhibition showcasing Cao Fei’s views on the changes of this era through her playful use of light, technology, and visuals.

Cao Fei: Staging the Era

Before the school year came to an end, several Early Years and Junior School families were invited to visit the Sparks headquarters in Wangjing. Sparks leaders and engineers demonstrated to the students what the professional world was. Seeing a business in action, trying out the devices and working platforms on their own gave our young students a new learning experience.


Our Year 10 IGCSE Art students also had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Artron, a world-leading book design and printing as well as art database company. Students had the chance to observe the entire bookmaking process!

Artron WWA 2021