In May, Dulwich College Beijing Junior School had a memorable time being challenged outside the classroom in overnight “residentials”. Who knew venturing out of your comfort zone could be so much fun?

Year 3

Year 3 started their day with a QR code scavenger hunt all around Junior School. The children did incredibly well to find all the codes and answers, even though Miss Harris hid them in some very tough places!


Next, Year 3 took part in two activities including obstacle courses, Italian cooking and Japanese art. The children in the cooking group make delicious fresh pasta with roasted vegetables and a tomato basil sauce.


The fun didn't end there as Year 3 enjoyed a few games of bowling, with some super children even scoring strikes! Lots of laughter and fun were had in the pool party, and we definitely earned ourselves a big dinner!


Year 4

On Thursday 16 May, Year 4 went to the Aofan Olympic Sailing Centre to take part in a variety of fun activities, which included sailing, rafting, kayaking and paddle boarding. All students had an amazing time and got completely soaked by each other and the teachers.


In the evening there was a very interesting and entertaining talent show held in the Alleyn Theatre. There was a variety of acts including magic, singing, dancing, drama and comedy. Wow, what talent!

Everyone slept soundly under the stars in their tents. The next day, students enjoyed jumping, climbing and crawling in VFLY. In the afternoon everyone relaxed and enjoyed a movie.

The two days were fun, but very tiring.


Year 5

Year 5 had a fantastic time in Huairou working with Imagine and playing the Civilisation Game. Students were divided into groups and given the choice of two resources to use and trade with to build their own civilisations.


Throughout this experience, the children learned a plethora of skills, information, and a huge amount about themselves. Challenges that the group faced included: what you really need to survive, how to build shelters and basic household essentials, what to do when there's a disagreement, and how to follow and implement rules.


Year 6

Year 6 left the halls of DCB to experience Wild China on their residential – a three-day excursion to the north and the west of Beijing. 



On day one, the students took part in a range of brilliant activities, including a tough low-ropes course and T-shirt tie-dying, before camping under the stars at the World Grape Expo Centre. The next day was spent climbing to the summit of Jimingshan and then exploring Jimingyi old town. On the third and final day, we visited Yanqing No. 2 Primary School, attended some lessons with the children and then shared break time to get to know them better. It was a whirlwind visit, but definitely beneficial to all involved. 

Over the course of the three days, many laughs were had and fantastic memories made for all.