Blood, sweat, mixed with joy and tears – that's just the way the ball bounces! DCB had a successful Season 3 of sports. There were some nail-biting minutes leading to jubilation, and other moments that did not win a trophy but pride and friendship.

Here are some highlights of the season. Detailed stories can be found in the past few issues of the Senior School newsletter.



  • Boys Singles – Ruige K (Year 11), ISAC 2019 Bronze Medal
  • Boys Doubles – Ruige K and Mark L (Year 11), ISAC 2019 Bronze Medal
  • Mixed Doubles – Evelyn L and Mark L (Year 13 & Year 11), ACAMIS 2019 Gold Medal
  • Mixed Doubles – Guan Rong T and Kathleen W (Year 10 & Year 11), ACAMIS 2019 Gold Medal

ISAC Basketball

  • U12 Girls – ISAC champions
  • U13 Girls – 3rd place and sportsmanship winner
  • U14 Girls – 2nd place
  • U12 Boys – 2nd place
  • U13 Boys – Did not advance beyond group stage
  • U14 Boys – ISAC champions

ISAC U14 Tennis Tournament

  • 1st  Eric L and Zong Xu S (Year 8)
  • 2nd Oliver B and Junyi L (Year 7)
  • 5th  William W and Eric A (Year 8)
  • 9th  Harry K and William L (Year 9)
  • 11th Aiden S (Year 8) and Yuzuki O (Year 7)


  • Varsity Girls – Undefeated in ISAC league season but were unable to compete in the final tournament, ACAMIS 4th
  • JV Boys – ISAC 4th overall
  • Varsity Boys – ISAC 2nd, ACAMIS 3rd

ISAC = International Schools Athletics Conference

ACAMIS = Association of China and Mongolia International Schools