Alexander C

Alexander C

Johns Hopkins University

Dulwich College Beijing

Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2016
Nationality: USA
Post-DCB education: Johns Hopkins University, majors in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Sociology

Currently based in: Baltimore, USA


What are you busy with these days?

This semester I’ve been working in a research lab studying protein dissolution in yeast cells while also taking a variety of classes for my two majors, with topics ranging from maritime capitalism in Asia to pharmacokinetics. Outside of class I’m also currently the President of the Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Debate Council, which takes the majority of my time. We compete every weekend at schools all over the country.

What were your favourite extra-curricular roles or activities at DCB?

My favourite extra-curriculars at DCB would have to be the theatre and debate. The biannual musicals were definitely my favourite. I’ll always remember Little Shop of Horrors, especially that amazing set designed by Ms Davies and the wonderful music and band led by Mr West. Debate was also tremendous fun, albeit not having a very clear structure; I had a variety of opportunities to compete as well as teach that made debate at DCB very rewarding.

Tell us a little bit about some internships or jobs you’ve had.

I’ve spent the last two summers doing research at Johns Hopkins University. My work is primarily focused on a new mechanism of mitochondrial protein aggregate dissolution. Basically, when cells get old, they fail to recycle the proteins within them, my research is an attempt to find out why, and we’re currently examining a new pathway that involves the mitochondrial “swallowing” the aggregates and dissolving them.

How has your education at DCB helped you with your university or work life?

For me the most valuable skill that DCB taught me was being able to churn out a lab report or an essay draft in a very short amount of time. This was a skill honed after years of the DCB curriculum. DCB also helped me grow personally, my teachers, especially the Heads of IB, gave me a lot of valuable lessons for life, not just school.

What would you like to say to current DCB students?

If I had one thing to say to the current DCB students I would tell them not to be too stressed about their future. Life isn’t supposed to be a sprint to the finish life. If anything, it's more like a kayak in a winding river. You can row to adjust your course, but the majority of the time you go where the river takes you. There will be bumps and hard knocks but as long as you maintain balance you won’t flip over. Even if you do flip over, just flip it back. So, take the time to explore your interests, try your best in class, and you’ll be fine.

(Updated April 2019)