From Beijing to the Alps: DCB Ignite Cohort Begin Term 3

Roger Smith
DCB students joining Ignite Term 3 DCB students joining Ignite Term 3

Earlier this month, the first group of DCB students to participate in the Ignite program touched down in Switzerland to begin their 12-week stay at the Hochalpines Institut Ftan (HiF) International School. The first few days involved students getting acquainted with their beautiful new surroundings, settling into their dormitories, and getting to know students from Dulwich Shanghai (Puxi and Pudong), Singapore and Seoul.  

Our Assistant Head of Senior School Roger Smith who, along with PE teacher Ms Samantha Welford, chaperoned the students at the beginning of their stay, shares more: 

I asked the students two questions. First I asked, How have the first few days gone with the Ignite Program? 


Jonathan H 

“The first day was amazing. In the bus, we drove past the mountains which felt like something out of a video game. When I arrived at the school the view was stunning! The sun was shining through the mountains, the trees were swaying through the wind and the snow was reflecting the sunlight just like in the movies! The food was also really good, and I was surprised by how cozy and comfortable the dormitories were.” 


Gabriella H 

“My first few days have been pretty fun and exciting overall. Surprisingly, I'm not suffering from jet lag, homesickness, or the ability to adjust to this new environment.” 


Kalli Y 

“My first few days in Ignite were exceptionally great! The alpine scenery is absolutely stunning, and exploring the nearby towns was exciting. I’ve made many good friends and I’m looking forward to my elective classes and further activities in nature!” 


Crystal Y 

“My first few days in Switzerland is going amazing! It’s really nice being in a new environment with people from different places. HIF is surrounded by mountains, so it’s a really different feeling from Beijing. Everyone here is really kind, and I made many new friends!  On April 10th, we went on a walk to Scuol, and the sight of an entire town surrounded by mountains was stunning! I’m really enjoying these first few days, this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience!” 


Dalia W 

“It has been going well. When I first arrived, I was a bit hesitant whether I would like it or not, however I didn't need to worry – the food is AMAZING, the view is beautiful and the staff and students here are really upbeat and kind.” 

student hiking in the mountains

I then asked them, What are you looking forward to most in the next twelve weeks?


Jason L 

“I am looking forward to next week when we can go mountain biking! That is my favourite activity and the first thing that got me interested in this Ignite program.” 


Noel L

“I am looking forward to the exciting itinerary that the Ignite programme has prepared, and I anticipate much personal growth. I am also looking forward to canoeing and hiking.” 


Clark Z 

“Passion Project, because it involves creativity and other skills that are interesting.” 


Noah M

“I am most excited about mountain biking and being able to roam freely around Ftanonce we gain more independence. Hiking is also excellent, allowing us to see mother nature in its most organic form wonderfully. I’m also delighted to meet new people and learn in a new environment with cultural differences.” 

ignite - students learning

We’re looking forward to the stories our students share while in Switzerland!

Meanwhile, here’s what some students across the Dulwich College International network who just finished Ignite: Term 2 had to say: 

Photo credit: Samantha Welford