Interact Club

Interact is the largest charity group at Dulwich College Beijing. It has 150 student members from Year 7 to Year 12 and is affiliated with the Rotary Club. One of their major projects each year is raising funds to build houses in Camobodia with the Tabitha charity. Here are views from the students.

What I enjoyed most about being part of the Interact Club was that we really managed to make an impact on people's lives! This was particularly true for the Tabitha Cambodia Trip - it's easy to write a check and send it off somewhere, but it's a lot harder to actually travel to a different country and do the manual labour that is necessary for the completion of this project.

- Charles, Year 12

I am incredibly proud of the achievements that Interact has accomplished; being able to build 15 houses a year in Cambodia for five continuous years and providing health checks for 60 children every year.

- Rebecca, Year 12