Navigating the Sports Journey at DCB: Building Well-Rounded Leaders

Sports is one of the five pillars of education at Dulwich College Beijing. In the dynamic world of sports at DCB, the journey is more than just about competition and victories. It's a pathway for students to Live Worldwise and become leaders, thinkers, and contributors to both their team and the broader community.  


DCB Sports Programme’s Philosophy

At the core of DCB's sports philosophy are values that go beyond the playing field. Hannah Marshall, Director of Sport, shared how important it is that our students embody the Dulwich Values in their development. “The focus is on developing character, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, problem-solving skills, resilience, and a lifetime of wellbeing. These values, deeply embedded in the DCB Sports Programme, offer students a real opportunity for personal growth, character development and a collective sense of achievement outside the traditional classroom setting.”

Dulwich Games 2023

DCB's commitment to instilling good conduct extends beyond the players to include coaches and spectators. The DCB Sports Code of Conduct emphasizes the importance of embodying values within the sports program. This initiative aims to create an environment where positive behaviour and fair play are upheld by everyone involved, not only contributing positively to the sporting community but also developing character traits that are valuable in all aspects of our students’ lives.


DCB Sports Pathway

The sports programme at DCB follows a progressive pathway, catering to students from our youngest to our oldest. For our young DUCKS, we focus on developing their basic motor skills and a love for physical activity, whilst participating in multiple physical activities.  

Annual Teddy Bear Gymnastics in DUCKS

Dulwich College Programmes (DCP)

Dulwich College Programmes (DCP) is an activities programme that offers sports and cultural courses, in addition to the school’s Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) and sports teams. DCP recently invited an NBA and CBA professional to teach our children more about basketball. 

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In Junior School we follow a multi-sport approach, or what we call “Sport-for-All,” where students explore various disciplines, fostering a love for sport and skill development. As they transition to the Senior School, the focus shifts to more competitive play, emphasising skill improvement, teamwork, and character building. Many students begin specialising in particular sports, so they may be more selective in what they participate in tournaments they're entering. We are still not looking for a win-at-all-cost philosophy; we want students to enjoy what they do, and we want students to understand that it is not just about the gold medals and the winning, but again about values.

The second Dulwich Olympiad took place in London in 2019, as part of the 400th anniversary celebrations of our founding school, Dulwich College. The Dulwich Olympiad is a celebration of Sport, Drama, Music and Art across our family of schools, and the Dulwich Olympiad 2019 saw over 600 students from our network of schools showcase their talents in competitions, performances and exhibitions.

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2023 FOBISIA Games 2023 FOBISIA Games

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The DCB Sports Programme encompasses a diverse range of sports, providing students with ample opportunities to explore and excel. While traditional sports like football, basketball, and volleyball are integral, DCB recognizes and supports individual talents, such as fencing and swimming, where students have achieved national-level success.

Student wins gold medal for Hong Kong equestrian team Student wins gold medal for Hong Kong equestrian team

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The programme extends beyond the confines of Beijing, with students participating in prestigious international tournaments like the ISAC (International Schools Athletic Conference) Tournament, ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolian International Schools) and the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) competitions. These events not only showcase DCB's competitive spirit but also offer students a chance to build friendships with peers from other international schools.

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Holistic Learning

Beyond the accolades and victories, DCB emphasises the importance of balance. Recognising that academics play a crucial role in a student's journey, DCB encourages a harmonious integration of sports and academics. With a structured seasonal schedule and offerings in various sports like badminton, tennis, golf, athletics, track and field, and cross country, students have the flexibility to explore their interests beyond traditional sports.

As DCB continues to foster a culture of resilience, initiative, and well-rounded development, the sports program stands as a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing leaders of tomorrow. Through sports, DCB provides students with a platform to not only excel athletically but also grow as individuals who embody the values of teamwork, respect, and fair play. The sports journey at DCB is a holistic experience that goes beyond the game, preparing students for success in both sports and life.